project site (Dutch only, but with also two other relevant links)
This project site was specifically intended for all my contacts during the project: sponsors, teachers, supporters etc. I made it to show the intention and progress of the project.

pictures of the actual exhibition and the posters presented
("Infratexture version 0.5")

first section of documentation
(chapters: "Inleiding" en "Theorie").
These are scanned pages of the booklet (which is still in progress).

download the demonstration-program (director 8 file, mac only).
This program was also used to generate the posters. Use keys command + 3,4,5&6 for different axial points of view.

Rietveld Eindexamen Project
(Final Exams Project Rietveld Academy)

presentation about the "friend", held in V2_
A 12 minute quicktime movie.

Medium version: 7,2 MB, 12 minutes quicktime movie.

Small version:
2,1 MB, 12 minutes quicktime movie.

Transscript of the lecture text only

The FRIEND is a concept of a mobile computer system, in which a inter passive device records your behaving profile (through GPS and voice-recognition), and sends intelligent agents on a dedicated network, to compare this profile to other users, in order to feed forward you with highly accurate itemized intimate information, on exactly what you want to know, when and how you like to know it.

Browserday "Friend"
(5th International Browserday, Berlin)

A short description of the project
text only
No visual documentation.

OpinieBeam is a starting service of ixopusada. With VJ-ing we want to add an extra informative, yet entertaining layer to a debate or congres. One of our more recent research is into a system in which the audience can participate anounymously by sending SMS-messages to the big screen behind the debaters. The first test with this system during happyChaos in the Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam was conceptually a smashing succes... (read on)

(Opinion-Beam: VJ Service for debates & congresses)

Download an A3-size PDF of my Curriculum Vitae.
The A3-size PDF has crop-marks, to be cut clean to an A4.

Curriculum Vitae
(Recent Curriculum Vitae,
mainly focused on job applications)